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Let Matrix Potential handle your day-to-day operations, sales, and marketing projects so you can focus on the rest of your business. Minimize your risky investment in marketing, sales, and implementation staff, while accelerating your revenue growth with an expert team.

Join the AI Revolution

Your competitors are using AI to get ahead. Why can't you?

Identify opportunities for impactful Generative AI projects

Prioritize use cases that will accelerate your growth and give you an edge over your competition, build collections of timely internal information to feed your systems, and measure your success.

Use your data for laser-focused results

Develop secure  near-real-time systems using your data to address critical business issues, faster and more accurately than before.


Keep your valuable information private and secure

Navigate the security issues involved with Generative AI tools and select the proper tool for each job. The right people in your organization will have powerful tools to address the critical business results they need to succeed.

Establish a culture of learning

Develop the processes and training to make sure your teams use your curated tools  to get the most out of your AI investment; with the security and efficiency you need.

Use Matrix Potential's expert teams to get up and running with Generative AI.

See common use cases here.

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AI Revolution
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Business Process Development

Program launch and go-to-market strategy

Gain effective go-to-market strategies that will get prospective clients interested in your services, motivate them to buy, and address competitive issues. MP will dig deep into your products and founding principles to identify the methods required to effectively bring them to market. Your sales and marketing teams will be aligned, arming you with the tools to launch a successful outbound sales program.


Value proposition development and fine tuning

A strong value proposition is the foundation for your successful sales strategy. We'll use our proven techniques to uncover the things that make your products and services "necessary" for your target market and enable you to communicate your message effectively. Your enhanced value proposition will be the basis to develop effective prospecting tools, create outbound messages, build your brand, and win business.


Playbooks and process documentation


Turn your sales team into a growth machine. We'll help you develop the prospecting and sales processes that will enable your business to scale. Then we'll produce the documentation you need to make them repeatable.

Get the step-by-step guides and training materials you need to take your team to the next level.


CRM fine tuning


Your CRM should be a valuable resource, not just a source of metrics.  Collect the right information and measure the things that will earn you more sales. MP will help you enhance your system to capture critical information about your prospects to improve your win rates and enable easy handoff when you need to reassign accounts.

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On the Phone
Business Process Development
Sales Strategy Execution

Sales Strategy Execution

Account-based outbound business development

Targeting the right accounts is critical to your outbound prospecting success. MP will help you identify the proper buyer personas and the organizations where they live so you can direct your messages to the right people. We'll identify what makes your buyers tick so you can delver the right messages at the right time.


Outbound sales messaging

Knowing what to say and when to say it will drive your sales team to win more deals. MP will consider your value proposition, target buyers, and key differentiators to develop a set of building blocks to use with your sales and marketing messaging. We'll then use these tools to produce a series of outbound email sequences, call scripts, and social media components to connect you with the right buyers at the right time.

Competitive intelligence and response

A deep understanding of the competitive landscape will help you earn market share, highlight your advantage, and demonstrate value. MP will evaluate your primary competitors and develop preemptive and knockout statements that drive prospective customers to you and away from the competition.

Prospecting tools and list generation

Powerful messaging only works if it gets to the right people. MP can develop target prospect lists including names and phone numbers, and help you tailor your CRM system to properly track engagement with these prospects. We'll train your teams to continue list building, focus on nurturing these valuable contacts, and avoid the dreaded opt-out.


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Business Conference
Sales Acceleration
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Sales Acceleration

Project implementation and training

A solid sales effectiveness process will enhance your team’s productivity, increase revenue per rep and improve your win ratio.  We'll identify strengths and weaknesses within your sales teams and provide ongoing coaching, training and enhanced materials you need to find and win more deals.


Revenue team staff augmentation

Get a jumpstart on sales and marketing staffing to scale rapidly. We are an extremely experienced team of executives that have built sales and marketing organizations for early stage start-ups, Fortune 500 companies and everything in between. Use our experienced staff to fill gaps in your internal teams and get the skilled people necessary to ramp up your sales quickly.


Performance metrics

Comparing your program against best practices and industry standards lets you maintain your competitive edge and meet both tactical and strategic goals. We'll apply our experience to identify the metrics that drive success and back them with the proper statistical analysis to confirm they're working. We'll challenge tradition to avoid "fluff" and soft measurements that can be easily manipulated. With dashboards and analysis tools, you’ll know the impact your program is having and gain the insight to adapt when necessary.

Strategic planning and review


Unified sales and product strategies can accelerate growth. The MP team has done it before, and can help you align your strategies with your growth goals. We'll identify bottlenecks and opportunities, proactively catch issues before they become problems, and put the tools in place to maximize your competitive advantage.

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